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If you are a Church administrator, please consider Star Shuttle for your transportation needs. We have a great safety record. Our vehicles are well maintained, clean and reliable. We are always on time, and we offer award-winning customer service.

We are happy to take your church members and students to church events, on tours, on pilgrimages to other cities, dinners, socials, and celebrations! One of our happiest bus drives was when we took a church choir to participate in a choir competition. We loved hearing them practice their music on the bus! We can’t take credit, but they won the competition!

“I am a member of St. Luke’s Choir. Our Star Shuttle Bus experience was great! Our bus driver was extremely nice to let us use the PA system and we practiced our music all the way to the choir competition. And we won! Thank you Star Shuttle. We’re sure that our practicing on the way to the competition helped us win!” – Mr. Smith, Choir Leader

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