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Abbey Walker Deluxe

Deluxe Motor Coach

Holding 56 passengers, and sporting a sleek profile and Mercedes metallic paint job, this luxury motor coach was built with pride by Daimler Mercedes in Germany. In the 52-passenger configuration, there are two card tables, which is perfect for sports teams and business travelers looking for space to meet in transit. This motor coach also features German engineering throughout. ?Amenities include six 8-inch video monitors, and one 15-inch monitor making entertainment fun and easy. It also includes In-motion Satellite TV and Wi-Fi, which sets this coach apart from other transportation options. It also offers a dash-mounted refrigerator, seat tray tables, adjustable foot rests and window shades, which all add up to a deluxe, comfortable, relaxing travel experience. For unprecedented ease of access, this deluxe bus includes full coach lifting and lowering to make entering and exiting a breeze.

Always a tasteful way to travel.

  • Beautiful Silver Metallic Coach
  • 56-Passenger seats plus a driver
  • Two card tables with 52-passenger configuration
  • German Engineering – Coach made by Daimler Mercedes in Germany
  • Blaupunkt audio stereo system with CD and DVD Players
  • Video monitors (one 15-inch and six 8-inch monitors)
  • PA system with driver gooseneck microphone
  • Tour guide microphone
  • In-Motion Satellite TV and Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator (dash-mounted)
  • Full coach lifting and lowering
  • Top Air heating / ventilation / air conditioning system
  • Individual adjustable overhead vents and reading lights
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Seat tray tables
  • Magazine Nets
  • Fold-down aisle arm rests; window arm rests
  • Thermo pane passenger windows
  • Window shades
  • On-Board Restroom with auxiliary tank
  • Below floor luggage bays

Deluxe Mini Bus

Seating up to 31 passengers, this option sports a sleek metallic silver/blue paint job, a dashing Mercedes-Benz engine, rear air suspension, and stainless wheel covers. The interior follows suit with plush 19” wide slide seats, ceiling mounted handrails, and frame-less and large touring tinted windows. During travel between adventures, you will not be bored with our entertainment system, featuring a DVD player, CD Player, AM/FM Stereo, and 19” flip-down LCD Flat Screen Monitors.

When You Need Small and Luxurious Transportation.

  • Silver/blue metallic Federal Mini-bus Deluxe
  • 31-Passenger seats
  • DVD Player
  • 19″ flip-down LCD Flat Screen Monitors
  • AM/FM Stereo; CD/DVD Player, and PA System
  • Plush 19″ Wide Slide Seats and decorative ceiling runners
  • Ceiling Mount Handrails
  • Custom handcrafted co-pilot seat
  • Mercedes-Benz Engine
  • Automatic Door, Side Entry
  • Frameless Large Touring Tinted Windows
  • Lights, Stepwell(2), Overhead Entry (2)
  • 120,000 BTU Dual Compressor A/C, with 40,000 BTU Heating
  • Rear Air Suspension and Rear Stabilizer Bar
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Covers with Valve Stem Extensions

Deluxe Van

This 15-passenger van (excluding driver) is your option for a more upscale, comfortable and entertaining travel experience. Not to mention, Deluxe Vans are proven to be safer than standard 14-passenger vans. The Deluxe Van includes a wider stance with electronic stability control to ensure a smoother riding experience. For your comfort, there is a 36” electric passenger entry door, forward-facing leather seats, seat belts, and a center aisle for easy on and off access. Did we mention the video and sound system?

The Deluxe Van is not too small, not too big… just right and LUXURIOUS.

  • Silver Metallic Van
  • 15-Passenger seats plus Driver
  • Forward-facing leather seats with grab handles and seat belts
  • Video and Sound System
  • MBE 300 Reliable Fuel Efficient Green Low Emissions Engine
  • 36″ electric passenger entry door
  • Center aisle for easy on and off access
  • Safer than standard 14-passenger Van
  • Wider stance with Electronic Stability control
  • A vehicle with a more modern, streamlined exterior, providing exceptional passenger comfort; successfully combines functionality and style
  • Magazine Nets
  • Spacious rear luggage area with fixed dividing wall

Deluxe Limo Coach

Seating between 10-15 passengers, our silver/blue metallic Federal Limousine Coaches instantly elevate your party to celebrity status. Comfort and entertainment are the two gems of our Deluxe Limo Coach, so you can expect two 22” TV’s, as well as a 42” rear plasma flat screen. For music we have a state-of-the-art stereo system, as well as CD, DVD, AM/FM and PA Systems. On top of that, expect to have the perfect atmosphere with a black cloth and mirror strip ceiling, as well as a bar with ice storage and glass holders.

When You Go Uptown, the Deluxe Limo is for YOU!

  • Metallic Silver/Blue Federal Deluxe Limo Coach
  • 15-Passenger seats plus Driver
  • For greater comfort, a maximum of 10 or 12 passengers is recommended
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD Stereo with Amplifier, PA System
  • Two TV”s: 22″ Front Flat Screen and a 42″ Rear Plasma Flat Screen
  • Speakers: Radio (4 Alpine Round); TV (4); 8″ Sub-Woofer
  • Seating, Limousine Couch Style Perimeter, Black, Specialty Lighting
  • Perfect for Hill country Wine tours, Ladies Night Out or Golf Excursions
  • 53,000 BTU A/C with Heat
  • Lighted Console / Bar with Ice storage and glass holders
  • Glass Storage (15) Rack; (8) Flute; (3) Decanter; (2) Coffee
  • Dispensers / Champagne Holder
  • Magazine / Storage Compartment,
  • Partition, Rear, Fabric covered with Mirror and Stargazer
  • Partition, Front, Fabric Covered w/Radio & Storage Box, Privacy Curtain
  • Ceiling, Black Cloth with Mirror Strips
  • Spacious rear luggage area with fixed dividing wall

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